Support Guy

Guy is an amazing person: always positive, considerate, and forthcoming. 16625_4138141903973_94496330_n He has a chance to have a better life through the opportunities a college education can bring him.  We just need a little more help to make this happen.  Please consider donating to Guy’s educationYou can give two ways:

1. Donate online: Click Here to Donate.

2. Donate with a check and receive a tax deduction: You can donate through the  Tri-Valley Cultural Jews synagogue in Los Angeles, California and receive a                 tax deduction.  The synagogue will transfer donations to Guy’s sponsors Maya and Tamar.

        Make checks payable to Tri-Valley Cultural Jews and mail check to:

        Rabbi Judith Seid, 1817 Sinclair Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588

        ** Write “Guy’s Fund” in the memo of the check**

All money raised goes directly to Guy’s college education and living expenses.